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Ripe Art Gallery, EST 2004

RIPE Art Gallery, established in the spring of 2004, is a fine art gallery dedicated to modern, contemporary work on Long Island, NY.

The gallery in its infancy, opened in Greenlawn where RIPE began to foster its own art community and, as a result, eventually outgrew the location. RIPE moved to its current location in Huntington, during August of 2013. Aside from the gallery, boutique and frame shop the property is home to Rexer’s Crossroads Farm, a farm property that dates back to the mid 1800’s. Set on three acres, the property is cultivating Non-GMO, pesticide free, heirloom produce and fruit. The Rexer’s are breathing new life into the property fusing art and agriculture. This new location allowed RIPE to open a gallery space in the form of a refurbished, updated, barn. Featuring high ceilings and plenty of natural light the barn provides an exceptional space for showing all types of art works. Next door you can find RIPE’s, boutique custom frame shop and gift shop.

About Cherie Via, Owner, Ripe Art Gallery

Cherie Via Rexer is the Owner and Director of Ripe Art Gallery. A classically trained musician, Cherie received a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Ithaca College. In the early nineties she moved to Long Island where she held a high school band director position for five years. After leaving her teaching position, she studied jazz, and played bass in the L.I. music scene.

Rexer found her passion for art, apprenticing for a custom framing business in the mid-nineties. She sought instruction from many master framers and enjoyed the work, committing herself to learning more about high-end framing and art history. A few years later, she struck out on her own and established RIPE Art Gallery, in the spring of 2004. Rexer is pleased to continue cultivating new and long-standing relationships with featured artists and active collectors through programs in the gallery, ranging from visual art, to live music performance, film screenings, and other creative events.