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Ripe Art Gallery, EST 2004

RIPE Art Gallery was established in the spring of 2004. It has been through a few incarnations, but at its core, Ripe is a full service framing shop.

RIPE's clientele includes private and commercial clients, as well as top area interior decorators. RIPE combines technical know how with a huge selection of frames from vintage to contemporary, and the +15 years of experience to help clients decide on frames that highlight the beauty of the artwork or "objet de mémoire."

RIP is also a favorite framer for many Long Island artists. RIPE has been an integral part of the arts scene on Long Island since its inception. Owner Cherie Via has served as a gallerist to many of Long Island's emerging artists, and RIPE was a goto stop for many involved in the bourgeoning Long Island Alt Art scene.

About Cherie Via, Owner, Ripe Art Gallery

Cherie Via Rexer is the Owner and Director of Ripe Art Gallery. A classically trained musician, Cherie received a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Ithaca College. In the early nineties she moved to Long Island where she held a high school band director position for five years. After leaving her teaching position, she studied jazz, and played bass in the L.I. music scene.

Cherie found her passion for art, apprenticing for a custom framing business in the mid-nineties. She sought instruction from many master framers and enjoyed the work, committing herself to learning more about high-end framing and art history. A few years later, she struck out on her own and established RIPE Art Gallery, in the spring of 2004. She is pleased to continue cultivating new and long-standing relationships with featured artists and active collectors.