Sue Contessa
Sue Contessa's mixed media canvases share qualities of both Action and Color-field painting. She approaches the picture plane with intent. Applying layers of acrylic paint and graphite, she creates subtle variations of color and value which describe a subjective space that includes the stratification of measured repetitive lines. By evenly treating the over-all surface of a canvass with marks and/or color, she creates an intriguing visual environment. While there is no definition of three dimensional form, there is the illusion of depth which allows the viewer to enter the field. The term sublime is often used when referring to such enigmatic depictions. This approach to image making has purity which directly stimulates a response connected to feeling and intuition, inviting a meditative experience. The focus of these paintings is the process and ritual of repetitive mark making. The layers of accumulated marks create independent fields, marking time and space. Each layer reveals evidence of marks beneath, showing a history of the painting's creation and suggesting endless possibilities.

Ms. Contessa has exhibited in Manhattan, the UK, and extensively on Long Island. Her work is held in the collection of the Heckscher Museum, and major corporate and private collections. Originally from NYC, Ms. Contessa now lives and maintains her studio on Long Island.

Works by this Artist: