Nicole Franz

Nicole Franz is a mixed-media collage artist, living and working in her hometown on Long Island, New York. She holds a degree in Illustration and Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology and a Masters Degree in Art Education. She has worked in the fashion industry, hip-hop music industry, and taught various art forms for over 15 years. Currently Nicole is an art teacher as well as a professional artist working out of her Long Island studio. Her true passion is portraiture. Nicole is merging her fashion background and fine art skills together to create compelling portraits of women. These portraits are created using recycled materials. Most of the materials are collected from various towns on Long Island. She uses local publications, advertisements, magazines, napkins, menus, and any interesting scraps she can find. Nicole is also a member of the LI artist collective 'Art That Matters'. Her work has been exhibited in galleries from Brooklyn to the Hamptons.

Works by this Artist: