Sherry Dooley
"Painting is a way to tell a story without words. Sometimes the story takes different paths, depending on the viewer. My goal, as the artist, is to allow, you, the viewer to decide what you want the story to be, regardless of my initial intent. So many times I’ve had people tell me what the story is behind a certain piece. I find that fascinating, as it opens up a new perspective and a new tale for me.

My work comes from within. I very rarely paint what one sees in the world around them. It’s more about what one feels and all the different moods that follow. Using symbols, such as crows, spirals, linear lines, thick texture, dunce hats and queen crowns, my work unfolds into a magical, metaphorical female realm. My women are dealing with life, love, sorrow, deep thought, joy and the challenges of learning lessons. One might comment “but she’s just sitting there?” and my reply to that is, “Have you looked into her eyes?”

I began painting in 1997 as a way of therapy. Painting out my personal story, my personal pain, drama, and sorrow. Through painting I found a new sense of freedom in self-expression. It was an empowering time for me; I found my passion. Learning by trial and error – I’ve come to a place of comfort with my preferred choice of materials. It’s simple: Acrylic on wood. I use mostly found wood, 100 year-old cabinet doors and antique canvases because I believe in the energy of history. Through certain finishing techniques, my work has a look and feel of something old, like a piece of artwork one would find tucked away in ones’ grandmother’s attic.

I’m inspired by Frida Kahlo first and foremost. Her work, her life, her loss, her love and her spirit lifts the brush each day for me. I love her! Gustav Klimt moves me as well, his soft elegant women feel like my sisters.

I’m going to continue to paint until I die. I just am. I enjoy it, I have fun with it and it keeps me going. I’m honored and feel extremely blessed each time a painting sells and brings feeling to the buyer. I really can’t ask for much more than that!"

Works by this Artist: