Luke DeLalio
Ripe *hearts* Luke DeLalio! LI Pulse VIP artist in 2009 on the basis of an extensive series of small charcoal and chalk drawings entitled, “Person, Chair, Picture.”

Luke DeLalio is a multi-discipline artist who works in the performing and fine arts. He’s produced records and music, directed plays and films, is a known headshot photographer, and his drawings, paintings and photographs are in private collections across the country. His work (in whatever medium) touches upon a wide variety of themes and influences, and often combines images with written words, abstraction and found objects. Luke was selected as a Long Island Pulse VIP artist in 2009. The fine art of Luke DeLalio is an exercise in juxtaposition and balance: planning and improvisation, drawing and painting, technique and mess, realism and abstraction, intellect and emotion, the mundane and the divine, humor... and something darker. He blends many influences and materials, but holds everything together with a sharp sense of composition. Luke often works in series, exploring ideas as well as technical issues. His latest pieces bounce between moody landscapes and dysfunctional interior scenes, and feature a vibrant color palette and the occasional piece of sheet metal.