David Graham
"When I was a child the one movie I remember watching that really stuck with me was "The Shining." Sure this may have been damaging to my little mind but I see it as a benefit, without it I could never create my art.
I like to think of my work as an old children's movie. Movies like "Labyrinth," or "Return to Oz," where it is meant for kids but visually its extremely disturbing. My work is based off fascination, whatever intrigues me I need to create something out of it. I never want to make my work obviously depressing, I strive to make it a fantastic nightmare. Combining horrible themes like celebrity death, cults, murders, suicides, imaginary friends, beloved cultural icons, tragedies and anything else that strives my fancy, my work always provides some kind of disturbing entertainment. All I can really say is to enjoy the horror that comes out of my mind."

Works by this Artist: