Anthony Zummo
Anthony Zummo is an artist at the rawest form of boundless possibilities. From Impressionistic landscapes, to Multi-layer stencil cut portraits, his work is a statement about his opinions on society and its own hypocrisy.

As a frequent contributor to the Free Art Friday global movement, Zummo was the first to bring the idea to Long Island back in 2012.
After His first solo show with FRESH Long Island in Port Jefferson, "Impressionism Is Not Dead", Zummo had then became a frequent contributor to RIPE Art Gallery group shows as well as three of his own solo shows, most recently, "Underbelly".

Between solo and group events, Zummo continues to create new ideas on cardboard as a test pieces. Which are then recycled into free art for a random Long Island town and its unsuspecting inhabitants.
So keep an eye out...

Works by this Artist: