BK The Artist
BK The Artist, (Brian Kirhagis) is a self-taught artist known for complex compositions depicting current events and social issues. He boasts an impressive range of subject matter, a deft handling of various mediums, and an uncanny ability to write stories on canvas with acrylic paint. He has firmly established himself as one of New York City's prolific young artists, having produced an extensive portfolio utilizing several unique styles. With powerful work that consistently generates collectors and fans, BK has rapidly ascended into one of the art world's rising stars.
He has been compared to some of history's heavyweights and has earned respect as one of the leaders of his generation. BK's work has been recognized by T.I., Dame Dash, Swizz Beats, Fabolous, UFC, GQ and more. He has been featured in Complex Magazine, Papercut Magazine, MSN Espana, The Huffington Post, and the New York Daily News.

Works by this Artist: