"Farmworker and Basket" Mas Paz
By Mas Paz.

Print on Matte paper. Signed by artist. A RIPE Art Gallery exclusive!
Original piece: 24” x 36”, Acrylic & Arosol on Wood Panel.

“When I was one year old I was adopted from La Casa de la Madre y el Niño, an orphanage in Bogota, Colombia. About every two years I travel back to Colombia to reconnect with family friends and visit my orphanage. In 2005 I volunteered for one month at La Casa. I fed children at lunch, tutored them with their homework, played soccer and just hung out with them. They do not have many male role models in their life. Many kids were still hungry after their meals. Many would cry so much that they wouldn’t eat. Soles in their shoes were close to breaking and their clothes did not always fit properly. Most importantly they lacked the love of a family. If they are not adopted by the age of 12 they move to another home where they stay till they turn 18. Once they are 18 they are free to live on their own.
I am blessed to have been adopted into a home where I have food, clothes and a loving family. It is my mission to do what I can to help. I work to spread the message of MasPaz, by sharing a positive message and my story to the world along with a quarterly donation to my orphanage, raised with 5% of all income gained from paintings, projects and my online store.”

Dimensions11" x 14"