"English Tea Garden: Emma"

acrylic/Mixed Media
Cradled wood panel
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Emma loves her tea garden. All the lovely flowers, and foliage, but there is an issue. Emma doesn’t like tea, and never has. Her mother doesn’t understand and has tried to explain to her that Emma must drink tea, like a lady - to land a husband. Emma’s mother is very old fashioned.

People in the village talk, as is to be expected. A Brit that doesn’t drink tea? What is this rubbish?

Emma wants a Soy Latte’ from Starbucks. She drives to Starbucks, quite a drive, but she goes anyway - comes home and pours the soy latte’ into a tea mug and hides the paper cup in the trash. She’s not fooling anyone. They can smell the smooth dark scent of caffeine. It’s a loud scent that is not to be ignored.

Emma’s mother cries herself to sleep; afraid that her thirty-six year old daughter will end up a spinster if she continues with her carefree ways. She must drink tea!

Emma finally screams at her mother and anyone else in earshot,

“Bloody Christ, I don’t like tea, never have and never will! I don’t NEED a husband if it means I have to drink dreadful tea! Leave me alone to enjoy my soy latte’!”

After that, Emma stopped hiding the paper cups from Starbucks.

Dimensions12" x 24"