"Bright Beauty: Akemi"

Acrylic/Mixed Media
Cradled Wood Panel/Deep Dish

Akemi was born in a small village in Japan. Her family was poor, and there was never enough to eat, but there was love. Her mother and father named her Akemi because it means, “Bright Beauty” - as she was a very pretty baby girl.

Akemi spent her days playing, and learning to cook with her mother. She attended a very small school, but the education was inadequate for the growing, modern world. As she grew older she dreamed of living in Tokyo and being a model.

One day, an American scientist came through her village on his way to a job site. His guides would always pay Akemi’s father for lodging whenever they assisted westerners in their travels. Miles took to Akemi immediately and she to him, so much so, that Miles and his guides stayed an extra day with Akemi’s family.

Miles left for two weeks, doing his research in the mountains, just north of her village. When he returned, he stayed with her family again. Akemi and Miles would go on long walks together, discussing everything - from America - to the wild plant life near her home. Miles was very well versed in her language and it let them speak freely to each other.

Akemi was falling in love, and so was Miles. The instant connection, sexual chemistry, and like-minded beliefs were enough for them. Akemi left, with her parent’s blessing, with Miles when he returned to New York.

Akemi never became a model. Instead she went to art school, became a famous artist. Every now and then she modeled for herself - for inspiration in her lush oil paintings.

Dimensions14" x 18"