"Golden Geisha: Chiyo"

Acrylic/Mixed Media
Cradled Wood Panel

A Geisha is a woman that is refined - in the arts, music and communication; to entertain men, which does not mean a prostitute, yet, many were sold to GIs in the 1940’s.

Learning the elegant and educated ways of being a Geisha is not easy. It is a schooling of hardship and determination. A lonely, dedicated existence. With only her Geisha sisters for company, Chiyo is, for the most part, happy and proud of her lineage. Her name means “Possibly Eternal”, such as gold.

Being a modern day Geisha, Chiyo loves singing and playing the flute. She thrives on entertaining. She doesn’t sell herself, as that is her choice. Many men want her. Many men offer her the world, but she feels as though she already has it in her hand.

Dimensions14" x 18"